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Book Review: Small Blessings by Martha Woodroof

This story is about Tom Putnam, who is a college professor. He has been married for many years to a woman that suffers  from a fairly sever mental illness. Putnam's wife passes away just as a new woman shows up in town. Rose is new to town and she seems to intrigue anyone that meets her. It was definitely a little weird that Tom's wife passed away very early in the story. It seemed that most of the characters just seem to mock the poor woman.

I can't say that I really liked this book because none of it seemed very realistic. On top of that I felt pretty bored reading this novel. Rose comes into the pictures and seems to just be this shinning light for everyone. This novel is a very light hearted read. It will probably make a great beach read but I didn't find my substance to it. I didn't feel attached to the characters at all. I feel as if I can read it and be done with it never going back to it again. I just don't feel like this book was meant for anything too serious.

The characters where alright. They had better moments I think but I like I stated in the earlier paragraph, I wasn't attached to them at all. They weren't interesting to me and I don't feel like they were fleshed out at all. I want to see fleshy characters, ones that can seem like real to the reader and this novel was just lacking that. I don't think that it is because of bad writing because Woodroof does know how to entertain a reader because she wrote a novel to entertain but I really think it is just small one time entertainment. This isn't a novel I would ever read again just because I thought it was that good. Unfortunately I think this one is a one time read and that is all.



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