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Dazzled by Books 2 year Blogiversary - Part 2: Authors I have met

Authors I have met on my journey. Getting ready for pictures!






Claudia Gray, Me, Kiersten White

Claudia Gray is a sweet heart. I have to say that Kiersten White is a blast. She is so funny.







Me, Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver is very interesting. It was great talking to her.







Me, Dan Wells

Dan Wells is hilarious. He handed out prescriptions. It made me laugh.







Debra Driza, Me

I was so excited to meet Debra Driza. I made the trip this day especially to see her. I was so excited and I couldn't wait.







Snarkles, Me

Yes I met Snarkles from Epic Reads!







Me, Amanda Maciel

Amanda is so nice. It was great meeting her and getting to chat with her about her debut novel Tease.







Me, Kevin Emerson

I loved getting to hear Kevin Emerson play. It was awesome. He is a talented guitarist.







Kiera Cass, Me

I was stoked to meet Kiera Cass. We also match in this picture which made everything even more awesome. Kiera is so funny and so adorable. It was awesome listening to how passionate she is about her books.


Authors I have met who I don't have pictures with.

Colleen Houck, Ann Aquirre, April Henry, and April Genevieve Tuchoke.


This is who I have met so far and I look forward to meeting more authors in the coming days, months, and years.









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  1. Yes I do think I would survive the selection, dont know how far I would get though