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Mini Review: A December Bride by Denise Hunter

I've been a little addicted to novella's lately because I love how you can have a great story that is very addicting within 200 pages or less. These wedding novellas were defnintely appealing to have a small little romance every month will be fun. I like that the novellas have a little bit of a Christian theme to them.

"A December Bride" by Denise Hunter was so much fun to read. I really enjoyed getting to know Seth and Layla. Layla is at work when she finds out that her date to her cousin and ex-fiance's wedding is sick and can't come. Layla doesn't know what to do. She can't show up to the wedding without a date because she doesn't want to look like she is still hung up over her ex-fiance. Then Seth Murphy enters the diner. The last person that Layla wants to count on is the best friend of her cheating ex-fiance but what else was she going to do. Seth and Layla go to this wedding together and somehow they end up making a very public announcement that they are engaged.

With the news of these upcoming nuptials has convinced a stuffy big client that Layla may be worthy enough to work for him. Even though Seth and Layla want to tell everyone the truth about the engagement they decide to hold off to see what may happen with this potential client. Will putting off the truth cause more issues for Seth and Layla or is love in the air for these two?

I had so much fun reading this novella. I think the main characters are a lot of fun and some of the best I have read about in a while. The one downfall of a novella is when you get attached to the characters and the story is over. This is kind of how I feel right now. I love these characters but now the book is over so I guess I have to move on. Hunter did a great job. I think Layla is a very relatable character. Unfortunately cheating and heartbreak are not rare things anymore so I feel like anyone could relate to Layla and understand the pain and humilation that she is going through.

It was fun getting to have Christmas time in September. I noticed taht there is a whole series that is based in Chapel Springs so if you want more from Denise Hunter like I do, then I guess that would be the perfect place to start.

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