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Book Review: Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White

"Illusions of Fate" by Kiersten White is fantastic. I was drawn into the story right away and was immediately hooked. "Illusions of Fate" is an awesome page turner. I just could not put this book down. I couldn't wait to find out what happens to Jessamine and Finn. White has always written with beautiful fluidly and I love it. White provides her readers with such a great book.

Jessamine was a little hard to like at first. I thought that she complained about her life a little too much. I understand that she wasn't born with the greatest circumstances and it wasn't her fault that she was the product of an affair but she also chose to blackmail her father in order to get into the college that she is attending. In some ways she put herself into the situation that she is in. Because of her father Jessamine doesn't seem to trust any Albein. When she meets Finn, she automatically believes that he is up to no good but she can't help but want to get to know him anyway.

Finn has finally found the perfect girl but he can't have her. He isn't willing to put her life in danger. As Finn gets to know Jessamine he wants to protect her because he didn't mean for her to become part of his world. It was a world that she was never supposed to know about. Finn is falling in love with Jessamine. Jessamine is also Finn's biggest weakness. Finn is a very charming character and I really like him even though he seemed a bit bossy at times.

My favorite character is Sir Bird and that is because he is so charming and fun. Sir Bird may not actually be able to say anything but I feel like he was one of the best characters. He has so much charisma. I like the fact that Jessamine had a magical friend or pet, whichever you would like to call him.

I definitely recommend that you check out "Illusions of Fate" I thought it was great and definitely a lot of fun. It was very fast paced so I felt like the story kept going and didn't drag on at all. It was definitely nice to really enjoy a book like I did with this one.

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