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Book Review: Spellcaster by Claudia Gray

"Spellcaster"by Claudia Gray is a very interesting tale. To be completely honest before I write this review I don't normally ready books about witches. I don't care for the stories and I usually don't enjoy the details about the craft. "Spellcaster" is a very different story. I was pretty surprised how much I enjoyed the story. "Spellcaster" is not you ordinary witch story. I went to the Pitch Dark Days tour when Gray was on it for "Spellcaster." Hearing her talk about the book is what made me decide to give it a chance. That was about a year and half ago and I am just now getting to the story but I still wanted to give it a chance.

Nadia is a witch and the powers of being a witch passes down from the mother to the daughter. A man can't be a witch and can't know about magic or at least that is what the rules say. The rule really says is a man conceived by woman can't know about magic so there is an exception to the rule. When Nadia meets Verlaine and actually shows her magic she tells Verlaine what she really is. When Mateo interrupts them in the middle of a spell, Mateo becomes Nadia's Steadfast. This is what the exception to the men not knowing about magic rule.

There is something weird going on in Captive Sound and Nadia, Verlaine, and Mateo want to find out what it is. When Nadia finds out that she isn't the only witch in town, now everything is changing. Why would another witch cast a curse on an entire family. Especially since that goes against another one of the rules. Nadia wants to save this new town that she moved to and she wants to save her friends and family too.

I listened to "Spellcaster" on audiobook, so I will start with the narrator. I thought the narrator did a pretty decent job with the book. There are a few things I would change. There really wasn't any changes in the voices except for Cole so it was like everyone pretty much sounded the same. There than that I thought it was really good.

I really liked the characters of "Spellcaster." I thought they were very nicely down. I think Verlaine was my favorite just because she is kind of the oddball and she made the book interesting. Verlaine was excited that something was finally happening in captive sound. She was even more excited to finally have a friend, since everyone pretty much ignored Verlaine like she didn't exist. Then come to find out there is magic at play in Verlaine's life so I am looking forward to seeing what that is all about. Nadia was a fun character too along with Mateo. I think all the characters had a lot of depth and personality to them which is something that I really like.

The story line was really good but it makes me wish for more. There are is a lot of questions that I still have so the faster I can get a copy of "Steadfast" the better. I think this story was great. It had a great pace and the plot was fantastic. I was surprised how the story was more centered around magic than witchcraft. Gray created her own story rather than using the actual traditions or religion of witchcraft which is the reason I gave "Spellcaster" a chance. I do have to say that this book is definitely fun to read. I am looking forward to the next installment.

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