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Book Review: Stars in their Eyes by Lauren Blakely

Jess Leighton is paying her way through college by taking pictures. SHe is basically the paparazzi. She stalks celebrities trying to snap pictures of them at their worst and at their best hoping to make just enough money to make her dreams of being a doctor come true. When Jess finds out that one of the biggest weddings of the year will be happening she is on the hunt to get the perfect picture for a healthy payout.

William Harrigan just moved to California in the US and in order to stay there he needs to get a job visa. William thinks Jess is his big ticket to get that visa. He definitely didn't count on falling in love with her. Who knew that there adventure together would be full of lies, deceit, blackmail, and falling in love?

Stars in their Eyes" was a very interesting. This is a very flirty and fun mystery. I think the book went by really fast and was a fun read. I feel like this is agreat if you just want to enjoy a quick fun book on a sunny afternoon or a rainy day. The characters seemed to be a lot of fun. They aren't my most favorite characters but I do believe they were lots of fun at times. I think this book is very fun to read but probably not something I would pick up again. It is one of those fun light hearted one time reads.

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