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Mini Review: A February Bride by Betsy St. Amant

"A February Bride" by Betsy St. Amant was definitely a cute little story. The story starts out with Allie and her running away on the day of her wedding. Then the reader is immediately taken into the future where Hannah, Allie's best friend and the sister of Allie's ex-fiancé is getting married and she wants Allie to be the maid of honor. Now this means that Allie and her ex-fiancé Marcus are now going to be spending time together during the ceremony showers and the ceremony itself. As the two spend more time together they figure out that they are still both in love with the other one.

Allie believes that she doesn't deserve happiness because her family is full of failed marriages and she thought that Marcus deserved better than that. Allie wants Marcus to be happy but she partly wants him to be happy with her but Allie doesn't want to ruin Marcus' life. When Marcus' mom fixes the rip in Allie's wedding dress and instead of fixing it she ended up redesigning the entire dress which opened up Allie's to what could truly become of her future with Marcus.

I have to say that I really liked this story. It is all about finding yourself and creating your own future. There may be things that happen in your past but you shouldn't let that hurt your future. This story is about forgiving and mending your past and relationships. I thought it is a great story with great morals. Definitely a novella I would read again. I thought the characters were great and easy to fall in love with. This is definitely a quick but very sweet read.

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