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Mini Review: A January Bride by Deborah Raney

"A January Bride" by Debora Raney was an interesting novella. Maddie is a writer and she needs to get away for awhile since her house is being worked on. Since Maddie has a deadline to get her next book in she decides to go to a B&B that her neighbor Ginny suggested. Arthur Taylor is a widower and the owner of the B&B in town. Taylor's wife passed away from cancer three years ago and he hasn't let another woman in his life since then.

Maddie and Arthur begin to write letters back and forth to ask advice of each other or to just talk. Then Maddie begins to spend more and more time at the B&B. When Arthur gets sick he ends up staying at the B&B in his apartment downstairs and with all the coughing it made it hard for Maddie to concentrate. When the two of them finally meet it was a surprise to them because the are both younger than the other thought.

I have to say that I found "A January Bride" to be quite boring. I couldn't get into the story. I think it is a cute love story, I just felt like it dragged on and I wasn't enjoying it at all. The characters where slightly interesting but I didn't feel like they had a whole lot of depth to them. I do think that the story line was really cute so it makes a cute love story in the end.

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