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Mini Review: Lines in the Sand by SC Montgomery

"Lines in the Sand" by SC Montgomery is a wonderful beginning to this series. Montgomery defintiely knows how to hook a reader and get them really involved into the story. Reed and Jonah have been the best of friends for years. Their favorite thing is to hang out at the beach. When Reed and Jonah find a piece of material buried in the sand that was a attached to a bone with the name Lettie on it, they are determined to find out who it belongs too. Reed and Jonah start a mission to track down Lettie.

This is definitely a cute story about two best friends. I really enjoyed getting to know Reed and Jonah. I hope that their great friendship continues on forever. This is definitely a very quick read, so if you are looking for something to occupy your time for a little bit, this would defintiely be a novella to try, especially with its heartfelt characters.

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