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Book Review: The 100 by Kass Morgan

"The 100" by Kass Morgan is your average end of the world or maybe the beginning of one story. 100 teenagers are sent down to Earth to see if it is survivable. There is a colony of people that have been living on a spaceship called 'the Arc' because the earth suffered from radiation. The teenagers were criminals on 'the Arc,' so them being sent down to earth gives them a second chance at life in a way and it gives the people of 'the Arc" a way of knowing if people are able to live on earth.

The story is told from four characters points of views. Clarke, who is the daughter of deceased scientists who were trying to figure out a way for their people to survive. Then there is Wells, he was Clarke's best friend and boyfriend until he told his father Clarke's secret which ended up getting her parents killed. Then there is Bellamy. Bellamy shot the Chancellor which is Wells' father in order to get on the ship that was taking the teenagers down to earth. Bellamy did this because he wanted to be with his sister who was on the ship. The last person who's point of view is Glass. Glass ends up escaping at the very last second and ends up staying on 'the Arc.' Glass goes and finds her love Luke to be with since she broke out of jail so to speak.

"The 100" wasn't as impressive as I was hoping. It was an interesting story but I felt it was unfinished. It felt like it was the start of a story but that the whole story wasn't completely there. On top of that I feel like things are different. It feels like this story should have began on the spaceship with all the flashbacks that are through out the story. This story started completely awesome but it slowly went down hill. I think this story was way over sold because of the tv show. Would I read this book again? Probably not because it wasn't that interesting.

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