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Book Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer

"Cinder" by Marissa Meyer was amazing. Meyer definitely has a writing talent. I don't think I will get bored with her books anytime soon. "Cinder" is a retelling of the classic tale of Cinderella. "Cinder" is about a cyborg named Cinder. Now this story takes place in a futuristic Beijing, China. This story is filled with so much technology. I love it. Prince Kai meets Cinder at a marketplace when he requests to have her fix his android. This story follows the typical process of Cinderella. It is so much better. I love the way that this retelling is told.

I think the characters in "Cinder" are amazing. I think the emotions and reactions to things are so perfect I fell in love with the characters right away. Cinder has to make so many choices in her life. You can tell that she makes her choices carefully. This novel was so fun to read because Cinder is such a great character. Cinder is compassionate and loving. What she tries to do for her step-sister Peony is cute and sweet. I am looking forward to the rest of her story.

I should have read "Cinder" a whole lot sooner than I did because I loved this story. Meyer really out did her self with the plot, story, and everything else. I think this brings a whole new unique view on fairy tales. Cinder lives in a society where there are androids and cyborgs.  Since Cinder is a cyborg, people look at her like she is less than everyone else but really she is the only person that seems to respect everyone even if she doesn't get that respect back.

Everything in Cinder's life is about to be turned upside down. The Prince walks into her life and makes her feel topsy turvy. An evil queen wants her dead. Cinder may be the only person that is able to help with a cure. Her stop mother just wants to see her dead. The Lunar King has come to Earth to try to take over the new Beijing Kingdom. When she sees Cinder, she wants her head. Cinder learns so much about herself in this story than she could have ever expected. This story is so addicting.

I also listened to the audiobook and I have to say that the audiobook was absolutely fantastic. The narrator was so energetic and enticing. She painted the perfect picture for this novel. I think she was excellent and I loved listening to her. The way she made a voice for each character was great. I think because of her I felt way more attached to the story. I am looking forward to more to come.

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