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Book Review: A Darker Past by Jus Accardo

"A Darker Past" by Jus Accardo is the second novel installment in the "Darker Agency" series. The main character Jessie is just as snarky as the first novel. I am glad that she is back and here to protect her family and friends. Jessie is not your everyday teenage girl. She is part demon and has a contract with a demon to basically do his bidding. Valefar is his name and he seems to want Jessie at the most inconvenient times. Valefar comes across has being a scary but interesting character. Jessie has to serve Velafor for 55 years. Life is never a dull moment for Jessie. When she and Lukas accidentally break a mirror that imprisoned a nasty demon who hates the Darker family; the demon promises to rain down all the evil in the world down on them if he doesn't get what he wants in 4 days. Now Jessie and Lukas are on a mission to figure out who this demon is and what he wants.

With this new demon being on the loose, Jessie has to dive into the past of the Darker family. It was really enjoyable getting to know Jessie's parents a little better in "A Darker Past." It is really nice to see Damien actually being a dad. How Accardo dies into the entire families past is really enjoyable and I feel like the reader gets to learn a lot of good information. This book is written really well and it definitely gets the reader's attention right away and keeps them hooked. I believe this shows that Accardo is a great writer.

I am anxious to know what is going to happen next in the story. Accardo made it extremely easy to step right into Jessie's world and life again. I don't feel like I missed anything from last time and I was able to connect into this world again. If you are interested in the paranormal fantasy world then this is a great series to kick off with.

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