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Book Review: The Edge of You by Theresa DaLayne

I am actually pretty proud of Theresa DaLayne and her book "The Edge of You." This story is a very clean new adult contemporary romance. The new adult genre has been anything but clean so it is nice to see that someone can write a story for college age people without filling it full of sex. "The Edge of You" is about two people and their journey on trying to find each other.

Taking place in Alaska, I think DaLayne did a great job with describing the setting and drawing the readers into the story by using the setting. It isn't very often now days that you get a setting that has been described extremely well and I feel as if this book is one of those. Maya was a great main character. She moved to Alaska with her parents to help support them after her sister died. Maya also had to learn how to deal with her own grief. Maya had her times of being selfish and imature when it came to her relationship with Jake but I felt like she was great when it came to her family. Jake on the other had was dealing with a very sick mom and trying to go to school.

These two have to deal with the pressure of trying to be ther person in charge while keeping everything together. They may both be dealing with different family issues but when it comes down to it they are both having to deal with everything alone which makes there situations extremely similar. Jake and Maya seemed to fit perfect together as they tried to work out their struggles in life. I feel like this was a great touching story and that the readers really get to learn a lot about the main characters. Definitely worth the time to read by anyone.

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