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Book Review: H2O by Virgina Bergin

"H2O" by Virgina Bergin was a very intersting book. There were times where it was intense and even a little scary. This story really makes you think about it you are prepared for the world to end. What would you do if you couldn't access water. I do think a few parts where a little too graphic with the gruesome bleeding and violence. This sounded like such a grat book but I found it more annoying than anything else.

Ruby the main character was not very lovable. She is annoying and seems to have a very bad attitude toward everyone. She has a stepdad that loves her and takes care of her but all she did was tell him that he isn't her real dad. To me that says spoiled brat more than anything else. Her stepdad spends most of the book saving her and keeping her alive.  Ruby was nowhere near being a desirable character. I was prety bored with her to be completely honest.

The world building in this story was terrible. I felt like I didn't get any real world builidng at all. The story takes place in a small town in England then Ruby ends up going to London and that is relatively about it. There wasn't a whole lot of description for anything. I felt very ill informed in this book.

"H2O" by Virigina Bergin is not a novel I would ever read again. I just didn't enjoy it at all. This is definitely not a book for me.

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