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Book Review: Loop by Karen Akins

"Loop" by Karen Atkins is a fun and entertaining read. There were many flaws in "Loop" but overall it is a pretty good book. Bree is given an assignment to go to a aprticular place in time and she wants to try to sneak in another mission at the same time but she wants it to be off the record. Everything ends up going wrong with her trying to make this extra adventure. Bree ends up in the wrong time zone then what she was originally shooting for. Bree is on the verge of losing her scholarship at the Institute, so she is trying to fix where everything started to go wrong in her schooling life.

This was definitely an interesting story. I was a little disappointed that the time travel was so completely different. In most time traveling books you have to be very careful when you go to the past because you can change the future. In "Loop," it didn't matter what you did in the past because it didn't change anything. In some ways that takes a lot of fun out of the story because if you know taht nothing is going to change there is no suspense or heightened emotion waiting to find out if things will turn out okay. Then at the same time there are things that contradict the part about not being able to change the future like when future people go back as personal stylists for the rich people to help them start trends first...well wouldn't that be changing the past? Honestly I think that part is all a little confusing.

The world building was a little disappointing too. I don't feel like there was enough explaining in the world building for the reader to have a complete grasp on it all. Another thing that didn't work ewell in the story was that in order for Bree to break into some places she steals a teacher's hair dand then holds it against her scalp while it scans. Well that is not actually attached to her head so it shouldn't have worked because if the technology is smart enough to scan your hair it should be smart enough to recognize if it is attached to your head or not.

I think this story is very entertaining even with its flaws and I think that the technology Akins brings to us can be fun too. There is a lot of cool devices that are used through out this book that would be a lot of fun to have in real life. I love when authors are creative and bring devices into the world taht they think should exist. I would like to see Akins writing improve because there were a lot of flaws in this book but I don't think it was terrible and since I was entertained it made it fun to read.


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