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Book Review: Stitching Snow By R.C. Lewis

"Stitching Snow" by R.C. Lewis is a well written debut but I found it falling short of my expectations. Princess Snow has been missing for eight years and the King blames the exiles. Snow didn't really disappear, she is on a far way planet and goes by the name Essie. Essie soon finds herself on the run when a young man's ship crashes on this planet that Essie occupies. Essie is a mechnic-robotics technician by day and a cage fighter by night. She lives a pretty simple life. When everything ends up ruined Essie ends up getting pulled into the world that she has been trying so hard to avoid.

As much as I really wish I fell in love with "Stitching Snow," I just couldn't. The first half of the book was just really slow and uninteresting to me. This novel is a fantasy and futuristic retelling of Snow White. Essie is a bit of an oddball character for being a princess. She is deifnitely not your ordinary princess. This girl is a fighter. Literally. Essie is alway extremely clever and usefull when it comes to technology. I thik Essie makes a great unusual type of princess. When some thinks of a princess, most thoughts that come to mind are fancy ball gowns, jewels, crowns, and responsiblities to a nation. This princess lives on her own, she works, and she takes care of herself and she is deifnitely not afraid to get dirty. I have to say that is probably the biggest reason I like the book was because of Essie.

The reason I didn't like the book was because of the fact aht it just seemed boring most of the time. It isn't because the writing wasn't good it was more of the plot and subject content. As much as I liked Essie, she was a hard character to connect with. I found that this book didn't have enought substance to keep me interested. I am glad that it is a stand-alone novel and not a series novel because I don't think it would be good to drag this story out. I can see someone who is super interested in fairytale retellings really enjoying this book but then I can see other people not enjoying it as much.

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