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Book Review: Two Blue Lines by SC Montgomery

"Two Blue Lines" by SC Montgomery speaks a lot about what happens in the world today with teenagers. Reed and Melissa are both in high school and they are young and in love. Of course acting on their emotions, they never expected to get pregnant. They are only sixteen right? They never imagined this could happen to them. Now that everything they thought would happen in their life is about to change. Reed and Melissa have to figure out what they are going to do next. Melissa and Reed have to figure out how to deal with the disappointment of their parents and figure out their own lives. What are they going to do now that a little human is involved? Melissa is keeping a secret from Reed, will Reed stand by Melissa during this time or will he leave her?

I think Montgomery does a great job with providing raw emotions and heartful words that really show what teenage couples can go though in this situation. It was really interesting to read. I loved getting to know Reed and Melissa. I thought they were great. characters. Montgomery did an excellent job with this story. I think it is really interesting how the story is told from Reed's pont of view and the only times the reader gets to see inside Melissa's thoughts is through her diary.

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