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Book Review: Two Faced by Melissa Pearl

"Two-Faced" by Melissa Pearl was a very enjoyable book but there are a lot of things I didn't like. In this sequel to "True Colors," the readers get to see Caity grow up. "Two-Faced" is told in two different points of view, Caity's and Eric's. Pearl's characters have made the transition from high school to college and Pearl did a great job with making the transition very smooth for the reader.

The reader gets to really know Eric in this novel. Eric's past is brought to the surface in a whole new light. All of Eric's worries and reasonings as to why he made the decisions that he did are all explained by the small insights into Eric's past. I have to say at times I felt like Eric was having nothing more than a pitty party.

There is a lot of drug abuse, gambling, and alcohol abuse in this story. Even though Melissa Peark captured the fear and signs of drug behavior I still feel like she made it a bigger part of the story than it should have been. Even though these items are part of life, I don't think it should also be portrayed as a big part of the story. I know a lot of people think that the scariness of drugs and alcohol need to be protrayed more for the younger people, but I disagree. I think it should be portrayed less. I feel like in some ways this just seems to encourage them even more.

Caity drove me insane like she did in the last book. She is so insecure and full of doubts that she just wasn't a loveable character at all. She has this ability to be able to see beneath people's masks yet she seems to get irritated when people express concern for her. I found a hard time trying to connect with her.

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