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Mini Review: An April Bride by Lenora Worth

Stella and Marshall have such a sweet story in "An April Bride" by Lenora Worth. I really can't imagine how it would feel to have the love of your life come home and not remember you. I feel like Worth tells a great story on how to fall in love again when you feel like all hope is lost. Stella is very excited to see her lontime sweethear Marshall. Everything falls apart when she finds out that Marshall suffered a major head wound that caused him to lose his memories. I think this novella showed a completely different to weddings that people don't normally see.

Something that Stella stated that really hit home for me was: "I've been so caught up in the wedding, I forgot to plan for the marriage." I think this is really important. I've been working on planning my wedding but just thinking about it, your wedding lasts for about 15-20 mins and then the reception is a few hours and then your day is done. After that you have a lifetime of marriage to work out. It is more important to plan for your marriage then your wedding. If it comes down to it you can have a wedding anywhere even if it is just the courthouse. It is the marriage that is really going to be the thing to treasure.

I really liked how the marriage became more important in this novella than the wedding. I have to say I have been learning a lot from these stories with the fact that I am planning my own wedding right now. Stella and Marshall's story is one that I am thankful that I don't ever have to go through but I am glad that I got to experience in through a story. I feel like I learned a lot from their story and how they fell in love again.

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