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Mini Review: A June Bride by Marybeth Whalen

"A June Bride" by M Whalen has been my least favorite wedding novella so far. Wynne was a little too trusting of everyone. Trust is a great attribute to have but the fact that she seemed to trust people blindly. For being a wedding novella, "A June Bride" didn't have much romance in the story. The storyline of the bride being on a reality tv show is pretty cool and I wish Whalen would have spent a little more time on this concept to make the story more fun. Instead we are given a bit of the background information and then what is currently going on which would be the wedding planning. The novella is well written but the characters weren't very life-like. I don't feel as if the reader got to know the characters at all. I think planning for a June wedding may have been a little too fast on Wynne's and Andy's part because they have to get to know each other. IT comes back to Wynne being so trusting because if she wasn't I would think that she would want to slow things down a bit since she didn't know Andy super well. She only knew what she found out of the tv show while being filmed. I just couldn't find myself falling in love with this story.

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