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Mini Review: A May Bride by Meg Moseley

So far "A May Bride" by Meg Moseley has been my favorite. I really loved Ellie Martin's story. I feel like I could relate to her a lot. Ellie was the perfect character for this story because I felt like she is such a great character to relate too. I feel for her as soon as I start getting to know her. Her mom has looks at getting married in a bad light so when Ellie's sister makes some wrong choices, her mom decides that she is no longer going to pay for a wedding. Ellie has to learn to be free to love whom she wants instead of just being afraid about what her mother may think.

I really liked this novella because Ellie has to learn to make decisions for herself and do what she wants. I like that Ellie meets a guy that treats her nice and wants to take care of her. I think the writing in this novel is great. Moseley does a great job drawing the reader into the story. I think Moseley brings amazing characters to the readers. Ellie is sweet and easy to love. Gray is pretty charming. The only thing about Gray is that at times he can be a bit too pushy and that I didn't like. All in all I really liked this novella and thought it was a great quick read.

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