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Postponing a Wedding

Sometimes in life you have to make decisions that are hard or ones you wish you didn't have to make. Sometimes the decisions that you make can be difficult but they can turn out alright. My fiance and I recently chose to postpone our wedding. We chose this because we were tired of stressing, tired of trying to figure out how to pay everything, and tired of knowing that there is a deadline to make decisions. My Wedding is being postponed until 2016. We haven't set a new date yet but I have to say with making this decision I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders. I may not be getting married next year but I will still be in wedding planning mode. There are still lots of decisions to be made but now we have more time to make them and time to make sure we get what we want.

I have to say that I am glad that a lot of stress has been relieved. Am I disappointed that we aren't getting married next year? Yes. Do I think we are making the better decision for us? Yes. Even though every decision has a cost, I think in this case we are making a good decision even though it may suck. I think my love and I will be better in the end for it. Life continues on even when we think it won't. Now I just have more time to gab to my readers about the details of my wedding. Who knows maybe I will let you be a part of it.

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