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Wedding Planning Craziness

I have never planned a wedding before, but I have to say that it is driving me crazy. Everyone wants something different. My fiance wants a big wedding and I want a small one. I feel like we aren't going to agree on anything. On top of everything I have spent more time trying to plan a wedding and get ideas and I haven't had a chance to read a book at all. This is very depressing to me!!!!!

You would think that trying to plan a day that is all about you would be fun!

NO! NO it is not!

I am finding out that the wedding day is less about me and more about the 100s of people who I am supposed to feed and host for a celebration of combining two hearts and two families. I feel like this is going to turn into something that I am going to dread. I would love to do some sort of getaway wedding and just have it be my fiance and our parents and siblings. That would be a lot of fun and a great time. I don't want to go into a huge amount of debt for something that isn't going to last longer than a day. Why not do something fun and exotic? I am thinking Hawaii or Las Vegas.

The cost of a wedding venue is expensive. I am talking about the cost of my first-born expensive. I am starting to sympathize for all the people who has ever gone through wedding planning. This is really starting to stress me out. I have basically less than 10 months to plan a wedding and I don't have anything done....are we sure we can't just run away and do something fun and out of the ordinary?

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