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Book Review: Angel by James Patterson

PI don't know if it is because it has been so long since I have read "Fang" or if this series is dragging on and beginning to be less appealing. "Angel" by James Patterson was just alright to me. It wasn't great. It wasn't fantastic. It was just alright. As much as I wanted to love this story, my heart wasn't in it as the reader. I read the story from start to finish, but I didnt' feel as engaged or enthralled by the story line as I have in the past. I really don't feel like the book completely flowed properly. There was a lot of choppiness and incompleteness. There was a lot of storyline that I wasn't totally sur fit into the book either.

"Angel" by James Patterson follows Max and the gang during part and then Fang and his new gang during the other parts. The reader was going back and forth between Max and Fang and what was going on in everyone's life. Now there is a group called Doom's Day group that is trying to take over the world and kill all the humans. Max and her group and Fang and his group end up teaming up together to defeat the new villains. Everything seems to be eery as the story goes on.

I feel as if the characters are losing themselves as life goes on. Max is less sarcastic and attitudish. She is way more calm and has become consumed with her own thoughts. I miss the kick butt Max that we had at the beginning on the series. I feel like Max is growing up but not in a good way. She isn't staying the same genuine character that everyone loves.

The one character that did seem to improve was Dylan. I actually grew to like Dylan in this book. I know in "Fang," Dylan was really annoying and I just reallly wanted him to go away, but I feel the completely opposite in "Angel." I actually feel like Fang has become the annoying guy character that loves Max and Dylan has become the more favorable loving one.

I am starting to feel like maybe Maximum Ride should be retired. I don't feel like the storyline is getting any better. It seems to be getting worst. I was reallly looking forward to this book and now I am not even sure that I want to read the last one. I do have to say on a much happpier note that if you listen to the audiobook, it gets pretty fun. The audiobook has a lot of sound effects, so it feels like youa re in the middle of the action yourself.

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