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Book Review: Anomaly by Tonya Kuper

"Anomaly" by Tonya Kuper is a story that keeps you on your toes. Kuper does a great job in bringing the characters of "Anomlay" alive for the reader. Josie learns on her 17th birthday that her life will never be normal again. Josie was born with powers to make things appear by just picturing them. Josie feels like her world is falling a part. her boyfirend breaks up with her, her father has been missing and then all the sudden these two good looking guys show up at her shcool and start paying attention to her. Reid, one of the good looking guys, takes her out for a ride and shows Josie things that she could never dream of but it begins to explain some of her complicated questions away. When someone tries to kill her, Josie's life really begins to be topsy turvy.

"Anomaly" is told in a dual first person perspectve of Josie and Reid. I really liked that this story was told in dual point of view because it helped me keep track of the events a whole lot better. Josie is a big nerd so a lot of nerdy subjects seem to come up through out the book. Being familiar with Star Trek, Star Wars, and Marvel comics and characters myself, I was able to understand a lot of the references, but I can see someone who may not be into those tings having it feel like there are way too many references. Reid is an operative int eh resistance against Consortium. Consortium is a group that is trying to capurte people with special abilities like Josie and Reid. For the most part, Consortium are the villians of the story.

I think this story is very well written and pretty entertaining. I also feel like the love interest in this story didn't completely overpower everything else. Reid is sent to be Josie's protector and teach and of course during this process he ends up falling in love with her. This add complications to the story but I don't feel like it completely overruled the plot. The biggest complaint I have about this story, is that nothing seems to phase Josie. Her entire life changes and because of these powers and she just goes with the flow, I would think that if my entire life was about to change, that I would at least blink an eye at it. If you want a fast paced story that will keep you entertained, then "Anomaly" would be the way to go.


  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing ANOMALY!!! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it!! :)

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my review.