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Book Review: The Body Electric by Beth Revis

"The Body Electric" by Beth Revis is a futuristic refreshing tale. The biggest downfall is the fact that there were so many plot twists in the story. Nanobots are used to fight infectious diseases and androids are like servants and personal caretakers. It has been nice to see someone else use androids in a story. With so many futuristic technology devices that keeps this world very interesting. I again find my self being jealous that this kind of technology isn't used in our world today.

Ella is the daughter of scientists. Her parents developed a lot of the technology that is presented in the book. Ella's father was killed in a rebel attack on his lab and her mother is suffering from a disease. Ella's mother is expected to die because they haven't found a cure for the disease that she has. Because of the life that she has been handed, Ella is trying to make the best of her current life. The last year has been extremely difficult for her.

The reader comes to find out that the science that Ella's dad was working with has to do with the science of the mind and it plays a huge part into the plot and storyline. The science they are working with is how to get into someone Else's mind to know what they are doing and seeing about changing their decisions.

I felt like the story had way too many sub plots and plot twists, which left unanswered questions. Now I think this story is really good and I would definitely recommend it to others. The whole concept with the science of the mind is amazing. I would love to know more about Revis' idea behind that. I felt like the book was a little slow to start but it definitely got better until the reader becomes addicted.

Revis is a wonderful writer. Her words are beautiful and she is a great writer. Revis likes to fill her books with questions. Revis likes to keep her readers' minds active. It was nice to see all the references to her previous series "Across the Universe" since both her series and "The Body Electric" seem to take place in the same world/universe. This is definitely a great story to read for those that like dystopian and sci-fi novels.

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