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Book Review: Day 21 by Kass Morgan

"Day 21" by Kass Morgan wasn't any disappointment but it wasn't fantastic either. The story is still told by three main characters points of view. Clarke, Wells, Glass, and Bellamy are all brave and loyal, and trying to figure out how to survive. Being teenagers, in the end they end up making whatever decision they want based on their hormones rather than what is the better choice for everyone. "Day 21" no longer uses the flashblacks that I grew to like in "The 100," so I felt like the plot was a little lacking in the story. The flashbacks feld this story together and now it seems like everything is pretty much lacking.

There is another love triangle to deal with. I am really beginning to despise these love triangles. Everyone seems to feel like they have to have a love triangle to make the story interesting when the truth is you don't. Just write a good story. At the end of "The 100," the teens find out that they are not alone and Octavia has been kidnapped by some unknown Earthborns. The camp was attached and Asher was killed. Bellamy and Clarke took off to go find Octavia. Wells is trying to call down the group and Graham is trying to create a war and split up the group.

The books are really hard to even believe that any of this could happen. Especially with the language. How can everyone speak the exact same language without any problems? I would think that there should be at least some problems with the langauates with the fact that everyone grew up somewhere different. I would think that theyer would be at least some different grammar issues or pronunciation issues. So much time was spent world building in the last book that I don't feel like their was any world building in this one. World building has to grow with your story. The world building can't take up the majority in one book and not be in the other book at all.

I liked Clarke and Bellamy's characters a lot but I didn't seem to really connect with any of the other character. I feel like this story is really lacking and it is honestly a pretty boring book. I am not totally sure what to expect from the next novel. Not to mention the novels seemed to be released really close together, so part of me wonders if maybe a little more time or effort was put into the stories that maybe they would turn out better.

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