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Book Review: The Paris Winter by Imogen Robertson

"The Paris Winter" by Imogen Robertson is a story that is very easy to get hooked on. Maud Heighton is a young English woman who is studying art at Lafond's Academie. Being a starving artist in paris, she is taken under the wing of a very wealthy Russian classmate, Tanya and a class model named Yvette. Through these girls, Maud meets Christian Morel who hires her to be his sister, Sylvie's companion. Maud begins to take care of Sylvie, While Christian is off at his club. For the first time in a long time, Maud doesn't have to worry about what her next meal will be, so instead she begins to dream about her future again. Maud starts to get to comfortable when she finds out what life she has truly stepped into. Who has good motives and who has bad ones? This story keeps you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen to Maud.

Tanya and Yvette are very loveable characters and it is easy to like them. They are quite comical and so very loyal to Maud. They truly want to help her out and make sure she is ont he right footing. Tanya is in Paris to study painting and her family is letting her indulge her interest in art while they try to find a suitable match to marry her off too. Yvette is a french model who comes from a life of extreme proverty and violence. Yvette is very beautiful which has helped her enter the world of art due to the fact that she makes a gorgeous mdoel to paint.

Now that these three girls are together, they end up in very mysterious circumstances. People are dying and others are lying and deceitful. When Maud is framed for stealing a diamond tiara, the reader is taken into a completely different world of jewel thieves, opium addicts, and starving artists all trying to sruvive. Opium is a real problem in Paris during this story, so issues centered around opium raises a lot. Betrayal happens so much in this story that it is quite sad. Maud seeks justice to what is happening to her and she can't accomplish what she wants with out the help of her friends.

I think Robertson did a beautiful job with writing this story. I enjoyed it very much. I think the characters were very well written and they were great to get to know. Maud's friends were the best. I think they added a lot to the story. I think this story is great if you want to sit down and really enjoy a book. "The Paris Winter" is definitely a great story to read. I don't think anyone would be disappointed with this book.

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