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Book Review: A Quilt for Christmas by Sandra Dallas

In "A Quilt for Christmas," Eliza's husband has gone off to war to fight for the North. These are the days of the Civil War. Eliza is left at home to run the farm and take care of their children. When a childhood friend of Eliza's needs help to escape an abusive home situation, Eliza lets her and her child into her home. Soon after someone else requests Eliza's help. This time it is a runaway slave that needs help. Eliza isn't sure whether she should help the slave or not but she soon finds out that there is a network of people in their community that is helping slaves escape. Eliza begins to find herself caught up between the people helping the slaves escape and the people offering reward money for the returned slaves.

This book was very enjoyable. It wasn't so much about Christmas or even the quilt really. Eliza made a quilt and sent it off to her husband to keep him warm, but the book is more about the diverse characters and the civil war and slavery. This story really shows how woman struggled through this time too. Women had to take care of the homes and the children. On top of that they had to choose what side they wanted to be on. Some of the women helped with the escape of slaves.

I felt like this was a very heartfelt novel. This is a wonder historical romance story without being overly romantic and it has many enjoyable parts. I feel like many people would enjoy this book because it is one of those sit in front of the fire on a cold winter day reads.


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