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Book Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

If you fell in love with "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer, then you will definitely love "Scarlet" by Marissa Meyer. This is one of the best series to date. I feel that the fairytales real told in a sci-fi world of androids and cyborgs in aso amazing and creative. Meyer has a way of capturing her reader's attention and holding it there. Meyer blends the new characters of the Lunar Chronicles into the story perfectly, making all the puzzle pieces fit. Who knew that fairy tales could become so addicting and delicious?

"Scarlet" picks up right where "Cinder" left off. Cinder is in jail trying to figure out how to escape and with both Emperor Kai, and Queen Lavania is after her. Queen Lavania has made it her own personal goal to make sure that Cinder is captured and killed. Cinder tried using her new powers to escape but then ends up in Carswell Thorne's jail cell. Finding no choice but to take him along, Cinder teams up with Thorne in order to escape prison.

On the other side of things, Scarlet's grandmother is missing. Scarlet is trying to find her grandmother who she believes has been kidnapped. When Scarlet's father shows up claiming that a guy with a tattoo was torturing him, Scarlet recognizes a guy with the tattoo that her father described. She teams up with a guy named Wolf to try to track down her grandmother. Wolf is a popular street fighter and trying to escape his previous life. He finds a sense of connection to Scarlet and wants to protect her.

I really liked the continuation of Cinder's story in Scarlet. I love the fact that the new characters fit into the story so nicely. I think that all the characters are very loveable. Cinder is growing more and more and also learning how to use her Lunar abilities. It is fun to read about her discovering her abilities and what she is able to do. I think Cinder did a lot of growing up in this book due to the fact that she is having to come to terms with being who she truly is. I love the fact that Cinder is discovering new friends along the way of this adventure.

Meyer brings a fantastic story to like in "Scarlet." I love this adaptions of Red Riding Hood. The big bad wolf being the grandmother scene was a perfect retelling. I loved that Meyer includes the traditional parts of the story but still makes the story completely unique and all her own. The futuristic world that Meyer brings to her readers is amazing. There is so many gadgets and gauges for the reader to fall in love with. I wish we had this technology in jour homes today.

Queen Levana is definitely a villain that a reader can love to hate. As much as I really dislike Queen Levana, she is definitely the perfect villain. I am looking forward to her being in the stories more and of course getting her own. The history that Levana has with Cinder is definitely going to make everything very interesting when the truth is brought to the light.

I really just can't get enough of this story. It is completely amazing. There is so much creativity in this story. I was addicted right away. With Cinder I stated that I couldn't believe I waited so long to read these books and Scarlet just drove that point home. Meyer is an amazing writer. She brings characters to life in the most perfect way. Who knew that cyborgs and androids would be so much fun to read about. These aren't your typical terminator characters. The characters in Scarlet are very easy to love and become addicted too. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in Scarlet and Cinder's lives.

Lately, since I was also listening to the audiobook, I want to put in a little something for the narrator. Rebecca Soler is an amazing narrator. She creates individual voices for every character and even channels her inner robot/android voice for the messages that come through on the Coms. Soler is a great entertainer. I really enjoyed listening to her. I have to say that "Scarlet" and "Cinder" are two of the best audiobooks I have ever listened too. Kuddos to Soler for being a great narrator to read the story to the readers. I love her. I need to find more audiobooks that feature Soler as the narrator. Listening to or reading this story, you will not be disappointed. Definitely pick up a copy.


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