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Book Review: To Everything A Season by Lauraine Snelling

I am definitely a Lauraine Snelling fan and I have to say that this book was not a disappointment at all. "To Everything A Season" seems to take off right where the Red River Valley series left off. Miriam is a student nurse who has come to Blessing to recieve trianing in order to be prepared for a job in Chicago. The characters in this series come from the Red River Valley series. Even though this is a start to a new series, readers who have read the past series will welcome back beloved characters.

Miriam starts out the book living in Chicago and going to nursing school. Her mother is very ill and she is trying to care for her siblings to help relieve the burden from her mom. Being a gifted nurse, Miriam leaves to go to Blessing for a year of instruction. Even though it is extremely ahrd to leave her family, Miriam's school instructors makes it possible for her to leave and train. Miriam begins to fall in love with Blessing and all the people in it. When things go wrong at the hospital in Blessing, Miriam and Trygove end up going though a crisis that touches both of them and they discover a new fiath in themselves and in God.

I think this is a great story and Snelling definitely knows how to touch her readers. Snelling proves over and over again why she is such a great writer. She writes so beautifully. It jis really hard to put her books down because they are so outstanding. I look forward to this new series and to see what happens to the characters.

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