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Book Review: Wake by Amanda Hocking

"Wake" by Amanda Hocking was definitely a different sort of tale. Gemma Fisher is a 16 year old that has a goal to become an olympic swimmer. She loves swimming and makes sure that she practices every morning and night. Gemma lives with her older sister Harper and her father Brian. Her mom is in an assisted living home due to an accident that happened when Gemma was 7 years old. Gemma's dad is the main supporter of their family and Harper is saving up money to go to college. When a trio of beautiful girls start to give Gemma attention, all she is gets is a creeper vibe from them. Gemma isn't the only person to get a weird vibe from he girls, but no one seems to do anything about it.

Gemma is also falling in love with Alex, the boy next door....literally. Alex has been one of Harper's best friends for years but now Alex and Gemma are starting to date. Harper doesn't really know what to do with the fact that her best friends is not into her kid sister. Then to top everything off teenage boys seem to be going missing.

Gemma has a very carefree spirit. She seems to be pretty trusting with everyone and doesn't seem to have a care in the world. When Gemma starts acting out of the oridinary her sister, Harper, begins to worry about her. Weird things start happening to Gemma and she doesn't understand what is going on.

Haper comes across as being an overbearing and overprotecting sister, but as you get more into the story, you find out why she is like that. Harper and Gemma have had a rough time of it with dealing with their father and their mother. I feel like Harper is the easier character to relate too. She is more enjoyable to read about. I love the budding romance between Harper and Daniel. I really like Harper a lot because I feel like I can relate too her so much more.

"Wake" is the first book in a new series by Amand Hocking. I have to say that I am not totally sure this book is really made for young adults though. I think there is a little bit too much stuff in these books that I would not want my teenager to be reading. Maybe older YA and New Adults is more of where I would classify this book.

I feel like this book is very easy to read and follow along with. I thought it was very enjoyable but defnitely not somethng I would let me teenage sister read. I feel like their is too much, violence and gore to be completely honest. I thought the story developed quite nicely and the writing was very good. I was also listening to the audio book, so I thought the narrator did a fantastic job with reading the story. She kept it entertaining and fun. It definitely made me want to continue listening to the book.

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