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Book Review: The Winter Sea by Di Morrissey

Joe imoved from an island in Sicily to Australia right after World War I. Many of the villagers in Australia are extremely poor so Joe decided to head to America to make a new life for himself. When he was able to earn money for himself, he would send it to his family to help support them.

90 years later, Cassie moved from Sidney to a fishing village in Australia after leaving both her husband and job. Cassie begins a relationship with the great grandson of Joe. When Cassie's happiness is shattered and nothing seems to make sense anymor. Cassie isn't very familiar with the past but she wants to find out the complete and total truth.

Di Morrissey definitely tells a wonderful story. It digs deep into the gritty past of Cassie and Joe's lives. The story definitely had a nice flow and was very easy to read. I felt like out of the two main character's point of views is that Joe's story was much more interesting than Cassie's. I felt like the beginning of the story for both characters was a little slow and hard to get into at first. It definitely got better as I dove farther into the story. I think "The Winter Sea" would make a great beach read or a rainy day read.

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