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College Major

I am currently a college student. I have been working on getting my Bachelor's degree with a Major in English. Lately I have been thinking about changing my major. I have a huge love for Marketing, especially social media marketing. I have always had a knack for it. I think this is because I am one of those few people who uses both sides of their brain equally. I love marketing because it lets me be creative, social, and work with numbers. I love being able to find out how to improve ones social media marketing. There are so many different paths that we are able to advertise ourselves and our products now that it is a lot of fun to me to work in it. I would love to do marketing for my day job. I think it would be great. Whether marketing would be for a financial institution like who I am currently with or if it is marketing in the publishing world. What I want to know is what is going to benefit me more, a marketing degree or an english degree? I want to be able to thrive in this world and use what I go to school for. As much as I love to write and would love to see my name published, I could do that without an English degree. I want to be able to use my degree for something beneficial in my career. If you are in school, what degree are you working on?

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