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Mini Review: Gideon's Gift by Karen Kingsbury

"Gideon's Gift" by Karen Kingsbury knows how to get a reader into the Christmas spirit. "Gideon's Gift" isn't just about one person's story, it is about two people. The first is about Earl Badgett. Earl lost his wife and daughter and his reason for life. Earl has given up all hope and faith in God. Through Gideon Mercer, an 8 year old girl with Leukemia, Earl is able to discover all of this again. Gideon wants a special gift this Christmas. All she hopes for is a miracle but the unique thing about Gideon is she doesn't want a miracle for herself, she wants a miracle to happen to someone else. She wants to make someone else have a better Christmas.

This story is very touching and I think it is a great start to getting into the spirit of Christmas this year. Everyone could use a little Christmas spirit and a miracle this year. I think this story shows what God can really do in your life.

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