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Mini Review: Hannah's Hope by Karen Kingsbury

"Hannah's Hope" is about a 15 year old girl who is miserable but discovers that there can really be hope in the world. Hannah's father is an ambassador in Sweden and so Hannah lives with her very unaffectionate grandmother in DC. Hannah doesn't understand why no one seems to love her. She is just a burden to her grandmother and her parents are never around her. Hannah gets excited around the holidays because that is the time that her parents come home to see her but this year she recieves an email from her parents letting her know that they are going to be too busy. Hannah prays for a 'Christmas Miracle' to hopefully brighten up her holiday. Then Hannah finds out that the man she has always called father is not her biological father.

It seemed very cold and heartless for Hannah's mom to tell her about her biological father through an email just to try to keep Hannah busy during the holiday. Hannah is determined to make her holiday better and try to track down her biological father. Hannah learns so much about herself and about how God is always there for her and how he is able to help her. Hannah learns to have hope for a better Christmas.

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