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Mini Review: Maggie's Miracle by Karen Kingsbury

"Maggie's Miracle" is another sweet story by Karen Kingsbury for the Christmas season. Megan Wright is a tough district attorney in New York. She is very focused and career driven. Megan's husband passed away two eyars ago and she hasn't had time for love or God since then. She is trying to raise her 8 year old son, who is still grieving over losing his dad and take care of her mother who lives with them.

Jordan needs more time from his mother than what she is willing or able to give him. He is having trouble in school and with life, so Jordan has decided to send his problems to God in a letter. Jordan, believing that his mom always has the right answers thinks that if hs mother writes the letter and mails it that God will ehar his prayers and answer them. Jordan wants God to send him a new dad for both him and his mother.

I think this story is very sweet. It shows how much children believe in their parents. I also love the child like faith that children have. This is something that adults need to get in touch with in themselves more often. I would have to say that Maggie's Miracle is one of my favorite stories for the Chirstmas season.

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