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Mini Review: Sarah's Song by Karen Kingsbury

"Sarah's Song" by Karen Kingsbury is ver sweet. The story begins with 86 year old Sarah starting her annual Christmas tradition of placing a singl handmade ornament on her small fake Christmas tree. Sarah starts this the 12 days before Christmas and places a new ornament on the tree everyday, hoping that she will be able to reach out to someone in need.

Beth Baldwin is a young married nurse that lives on Sarah's floor and as Sarah's holiday tradition continues, Sarah finds out that Beth is the person she will be reaching out too. Now beth is going through some domestic chaos and marital trauma. Sarah sings a song that she wrote herself every day as she puts the ornaments on the tree and as Beth hears her this is what opens up Beth's heart and mind to the spirit of Christmas.

I think this is such a beautiful and inspring story. Kingsbury always writes the best books with such great meaning. This story shows how much hope one can truly find in life.

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