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Post Christmas 2014

I am pretty behind this holiday with having posts ready to go. I am just going to say I hope you are still having a good rest of your holiday. I have been pretty slammed with work and also trying to get lost of reading done. I hope to have some fun posts coming out for the new year. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I would love to hear about everyone's. Especially what books you got.

My Christmas was more than I could have ever hoped for. There was laughter, smiles, and tears (my tears that is). I have to say that it is really hard living away from your family. It is hard to take off and leave every time. I always miss my family, but I feel like sometimes I don't realize how much I miss them until I have to leave them again.

Christmas was so much fun. It was nice getting to wake up and spend time with my parents and siblings. Opening presents and drinking hot chocolate is always fun. It was so much fun seeing my siblings open up the bundles of books that I purchased for them. I feel like they will be set with books for at least the next month. Maybe two if we are lucky.

My parents surprised with one of the best presents anyone could give me. I was given a DSLR camera. I was ecstatic because it has been about a year and half since my old DSLR broke. I have been going crazy without a camera however camera's like that aren't easy to replace because they are so expensive. I was so emotionally overwhelmed with my present. I don't think my parents could have given me anything better. I get wait to get back into the game and shoot photographs. I look forward to being able to take pictures to my heart's content again. This camera means so much too me. I hope I can do it justice with my pictures.

Christmas was a great one. I am so happy to be a part of the family that I have. The biggest reason is because my family is so incredible. They make me smile and they are always there when I need them. Not to mention. No one could ask for a better one. I am incredibly blessed to be a part of my family.

I really hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas. I would love to hear all about it.

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  1. That is a great present! It's great that you can start taking pictures again, I remember when I got my camera, I was so incredibly excited to start taking pictures with it. Have fun with it!
    I am glad that you had such a great Christmas. I understand how emotional and special Christmas can be, and spending it with your loved ones means absolutely everything!
    Enjoy the post Christmas bliss Ali! and cherish those memories :)