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Waiting on Wednesday: Encore to an Empty Room by Kevin Emerson

Why I am Waiting?

If you read "Exile," then ther eshould be no surprise as why I am anxiously waiting for "Ecore to an Empty Room." Emerson is such a fantastic writer. I look forward to this storyline of the bankd continuing on their adventure of tracking down the tapes. Each song is unique and I love that the names of the missing songs are the names of the book titles. I will be so excited once I have my hands on this book.


  1. I just recently got an arc of this, but I hadn't heard anything about it or it's prequel, seems like you really enjoyed them, so I might just read Exile and see if I like it (:

  2. I thought Exile was really good. I haven't read the second one yet but I am looking forward to it. I did pre-order the second book.