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Book Review: Another Night, Another Day by Sarah Rayner

"Another Night, Another Day," by Sarah Rayner is one of those novels that makes you really think about the world. You never know what another person may be going through in life so you need to be careful about the choices that you make. The story in "Another Night, Another Day" follows three individuals that all end up meeting each other in a psychiatric hospital.

Karen's father has Alzheimer's and so she struggles to take care of him and her two kids. Then there is Abby, who has a 7 year old son named Callum. Callum has severe autism, which Abby tries to handle mostly on her own because she has an unfaithful husband who doesn't like to help out. Glenn, Abby's husband, tries very hard to be in their lives as little as possible. Thirdly thee is Michael. Michael is the father of two grown children that are both in college. Michael's marriage is still intact and is pretty happy but Michael suffers from depression.

This book dives into the fact that it doesn't matter what kind of mental illness you may be dealing with in your life, whether it is Alzheimer's, autism, or depression, mental illness can really impact your life and cause you to have other struggles. I think Rayner did a great job of bring this sensitive topic to the surface. Even if you aren't the person that is suffering from the mental illness doesn't mean that you still don't have to deal with it, so I think Rayner does a great job with this topic and with this book. I would recommend this book to anyone that is able to deal with sensitive topics.

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