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Book Review: Atlantia by Ally Condie

"Atlantia" by Ally Condie was a very pleasant surprise. I knew this story wasn't going to be about mermaids which is what the big discussion was when the cover reveal took place. I also wasn't expecting the story that I got. This was in a good way.  I loved "Atlantia." I thought it was a great book. Condie writes so beautifully.

Rio and Bay live in the below called "Atlantia." When they were 15 years old, their mother dies and they have to control of their own lives. Once a year the children below can choose to either stay below or return to the world above which is Earth. Rio has always wanted to go above but when her mother died, she promised her sister that she would stay below.

When the choosing ceremony comes around and Bay decides to go above after Rio choose to stay below, Rio doesn't understand why her sister didn't stay with her. Rio feels betrayed because she doesn't understand why she would choose to leave her after making Rio promise to stay.

Rio begins planning her escape to the above. The problem with escaping is that it will probably cause her death. The only family that Rio has left in the below is her Aunt Maire, who is a siren. Sirens are people who are feared in the below. Once upon a time they were worshiped because they were considered the first miracle of Atlantia. But now they are feared. Since Marie is a known siren, Rio is very cautious working with her because she doesn't completely trust her.

Rio has her own secrets . She is a siren too. Possibly the last siren. No one knows that she is a siren except her mom, who is now dead, and her sister, who is not gone until she makes a small mistake. Then the truth is out or is it not? Rio just wants to figure out how to get to her sister but that seems to bring up way more problems and secrets than she thought it would.

I love the characters in this story. They are so easy to love and get to know. My heart broke for Rio when her sister left. I cheered for her when she was determined to figure out how to get back to her sister. I was so engrossed in this story. I really felt that it was that good and that enjoyable.

Condie definitely did it again. She brought a very enjoyable book to her readers. Condie is wonderful writer. She writes so beautifully and it is so fun to read. I am always looking forward to Condie's next book. Don't pass on "Atlantia" because it is a really good book. It is a book about mermaids, it is about sirens. This one is a little bit of a different take of sirens. Definitely an enjoyable read!



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