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Book Review: Bridges Burned by Chris Cannon

"Bridges Burned" by Chris Cannon was definitely a great sequel to "Going Down in Flames." Bryn Mckenna is a crossbreed of a blue and red dragon, because of this, it is hard for Bryn to fit into the dragon society. Bryn is learning that you can't always trust or believe int he people around you. Bryn is a great character. She has a lot of spunk and deals with life pretty well for being a dragon shifter. Being raised a human, Bryn has some complications in her new life.

Now that Bryn has been accepted and claimed by her mother's parents, she is able to have a little bit of protection in her life but most of the other dragon students still won't accept Bryn since she is a crossbreed. Now Bryn has to deal with other dragon students making attempts on her life. When the school comes under attack, Bryn really learns the true value of friendship.

"Bridges Burned" is a really good sequel. It was easy to get lost in the text. I think this dragon series is very unique and fun. I love the different take on everything. There were a few places that I thought were slow and sometimes the relationship drama between Zavien and Bryn was way too much for the story. The battle scenes are all written in a different perspective, so I didn't like that at all. I think it would have been easier to have everything the same perspective in this case. It will be interesting to find out what happens in book three.

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