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Book Review: Foolproof by Jennifer Blackwood

"Foolproof" by Jennifer Blackwood was a very entertaining and fun read. Jules Carmichael has had her future planned out forever. She has planned to become a doctor, but now Jules is thinking that she doesn't want to be a doctor anymore. The last thing that Jules wants to do is disappoint her parents. When Jules meets Ryan while working at her summer job, she thinks that he is a major jerk, but she can't get over how attractive he is.

Ryan DeShane was not planning on coming home for the summer but when he flunked out of college, his dad went off on him and told him that he had to come home and figure out what he was going to do with his life since he can't just sit around and hide. Ryan wants to figure out what to do with his life but the options before him don't interest him. He has the option of running is dad's store or joining the police academy like his uncle. Then Ryan's life starts becoming even more complicated.

It is definitely very interesting reading how Jules and Ryan interact with each other. I think their playful banter is also a lot of fun. I loved getting to read about these two characters falling in love. I think this novel has a pretty realistic storyline, so I thought that was a nice change. Blackwood is definitely a great writer that is able to keep your attention.

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