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Book Review: In Some Other World, Maybe by Shari Goldhagen

"In Some Other World, Maybe" by Shari Goldhagen is a very interesting book. Goldhagen starts off as a strong writer with a strong story but then she seems to teeter off somewhere. Goldhagen used a time period that she was familiar with but he story was just really boring. It was really hard to stay focus on some parts of the story because it seemed to move so slowly. This book just seems like it was rushed through the publishing and editing process because it just doesn't seem to be complete.

In 1992, Adam lived in Florida. He takes his crush to a movie. The movie they end up going to is a movie based off of the famed Eons and Empires comic books. He is looking forward to his date more though. In 1992, Sharon lived in Cincinnati. Sharon never feels like she fits in with her school friends. Sharon ends up going to the Eons and Empires movie alone. Also in 1992, Phoebe is in Chicago. Phoebe is drop dead gorgeous and popular. She wants to go out with this nerd name Ollie. Ollie has been tutoring Phoebe in math and science, plus he lets her cheat off of him during tests.

The story follows these three though their twenties and their thirties. This story seems to be based on the "What if?" These decisions affect their lives and so it wants to show the reader how decisions are important and can change everything. The sex in the story feels so out-of-place. This is supposed to be for a young adult genre and it just didn't seem to fit at all. I thought it was a little too much for the book. Also an inappropriate relationship with a step-parent didn't really fit at all either. This story comes down to the fact that it is really slow and boring to me. It has some very well written parts but then other parts weren't written as well. I was very disappointed.

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