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Book Review: Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold by Iain reading

"Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold" is an interesting delightful read. Being the first installment from a debut author, this series focuses on Kitty, a teenage pilot with her own seaplane. Kitty is one to get involved and snoop around when there is a mystery. Of course when there comes a mystery Kitty always finds a way to get herself in trouble.

I think the prologue is supposed to be a prologue to the whole series because it didn't seem to relate too much with this current story. I think the goal of the books is for Kitty to travel about the world solving mysteries and of course getting into trouble.

Kitty has a love for humpback whales and she wants to research them. This starts off her adventures of traveling. Kitty starts her research in Alaska over the summer. While studying the humpback whales, Kitty comes across a sunken ship. Kitty doesn't seem to think twice about putting herself in danger and I would think that being a teenager that maybe she would be a little more cautious or there would be adults that would be watching out for her.

Kitty's character is a very intelligent and strong-willed character that is filled with lots of curiosity. She is also a pilot. I understand this is a fiction book, but it seems a little weird to me that this girl is a pilot and just able to fly around the world without anyone questioning her.

I also feel that this story took a long time to get to the point. There were several parts that I felt like I was being lectured on the history. I am all for putting history into books but I feel like it can be taken too far when the reader feels like they are getting more of a history lesson than actually enjoying the story. I dont' think this was a terrible story in a lot of ways it was very delightful. I would think this would be more for middle grade readers that wanted to learn more about history rather than a young adult story that is set to intrigue for fun an interest.


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