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Book Review: Lane Changes by S. L. Ellis

"Lane Changes" by S. L. Ellis is a quirky mystery story. I think this story is very engaging and keeps the attention of the reader. Cassie is trying to get herself and her life back together after being embarrassed on TV. Now Cassie is back to being a PI again when her vehicle gets torched and a body is found in the trunk. Now Cassie is being investigated on whether she is the murderer or not.

As the story went on, there seemed to be some missing back story. I was really hard to follow the story at moments. I really liked having a PI that was determined to figure out the mystery that was going on. I love how spunky she is and it really made the story more fun. I have to say that Cassie was the one to save the book for me. I really liked her character.

The mystery didn't make much sense and once you knew who murdered the person, it never really explained how the murder happened. This is where the story was really lacking. I feel like if it wasn't for Cassie I probably would have finished the story at all. I think Ellis did a great job with her character development. That is the part of the story to really focus on.


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