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Book Review: The Marriage Match by Tracy March

"The Marriage Match" by Tracy March is a very cute story about a couple that unintentionally falls in love. Trent is a rich bachelor and his grandmother wants to see him get married. On top of that they want to boost resort bookings. Trent's grandmother has come up with an idea. They will do something kind of like the bachelor but use it as a clever marketing gimmick. The grandmother has picked out three potential brides for Trent and he will date each one on a specific island. Then at the end of the filming, he will propose to one of them, or at least that is the idea.

Cyn or Cynthia is not one of the bachelorette's. She actually works for Trent's grandmother and she is be directing most of what is going on in the Bahamas. Cyn is a very down to earth person, part of that is because she grew up with a lot of rules and restrictions. After rebelling as a teenager, she came to her senses on who she wanted to be in life. Last thing Cyn expects is to have feelings for Trent and she is helping him try to find a wife.

March wrote a very cute romance story. unfortunately it was not the perfect match for me. I felt that the story was really slow at times. It wasn't as fast paced and fun as some of the other bliss novels I have read. I thought the story was a great idea but I just didn't fall in love with it. Part of me thinks it was just poorly executed. I think the thing that saved this book for me was the characters. I think Cyn and Trent are so adorable and fun. Even if the story is a little slow, I still think this makes a great stay at home read.

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