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Book Review: The Rules According to Gracie by Stefanie London

"The Rules According to Gracie" by Stefanie London is a cute little story. It is fun, sweet, and sexy. Gracie Green is trying to find a man to fall in love with. He needs to have a career, handle his own finances, and a good family. Gracie is always disappointing her socialite mother with the guys that she brings home, so now she is trying to find Mr. Perfect. However she is looking for the guy that her mother would approve of, nto the one that she would love.

Des Chapman has decided that he will never get involved with another society girl because they bring nothing but heartache. Des can't help the fact that he is drawn to Gracie. Des watches as Gracie brings guy after guy to his bar never finding the right one for her. Now he wants to show her what she really needs and wants in a man.

I really liked this story because it shows how two people went out on a limb for each other. They liked each other, but they couldn't figure out how to make the other fit into their lives. Des didn't want to be hurt by another society girl who cares about what people think and Gracie didn't want her mother to scare away another guy because her mom didn't think he was good enough. With both people having these worries, things were bound to go wrong. It is what they do to fix it, is what matters.

This was my first time reading a story by London and I have to say that she definitely was able to keep my attention in the story. I very interested to see the continuation of "Behind the Bar" series. London is a great writer and I think she does a wonderful job drawing the reader in and hooking them to the story. "The Rules According to Gracie" is definitely a great book to read, just not suitable for teens.

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