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Book Review: The Wedding A to Z by Linda Hampshire and Karina El-Hakkaoui

"The Wedding A to Z" is a great book to be used as a reference guide. I find it hard to use to actually plan a wedding. I am currently planning my own wedding and as this book may be fun to read, I think that it is a little difficult with it being set up more like a reference guide than a self help book.

I think some parts have great advice and then other parts feel like there could have been more information so it had a very incomplete feel. I feel like this book really should just be used as a reference and not as an actual planning book. I am not totally sure if the authors meant it as a planning book or just as a fun guide. It would have been better if it had step by step advice on how to go through the wedding process. The format is kind of cool but the different sized fonts is a little irritating to me. It is irritating to me because it just doesn't seem to fit together on every page.

My biggest question is why do some parts have long explanations and advice on things and other parts have very little information. I like how much advice that I was able to get out of the book, I just wish it was a little easier to read and of course explained a little bit more of the the information. this book may be easy for those that have planned their wedding before, but for those that haven't ever planned a wedding it isn't as helpful as it may seem. I think I will still use this book to reference some of my questions.

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